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【Studio Info・Price】


Second Sunday

Estimated Price


If you come more than twice within the same month, we will adjust the fee to make it easy to finish, so please contact us directly.

(If you cancel, you have to pay for 1 hour.)
Let's do our best to finish each other's good work!


Minato Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

※If you do not have the intention to finish the tattoo, I will prohibit you from going in and out of the studio.

・Depending on your blood type and skin type, there are some individual differences in the sculpting time.
・As a craftsman, I will sculpt with sincerity. Please refrain from those who are concerned about the amount of money rather than the workmanship.
・If you have been interrupted due to long-term business trips, hospitalization, poor physical condition, family circumstances, etc., or if you are interrupted and want treatment, please contact me. If you are free for more than 2 months without contacting me, I may refuse to go in and out.

Hygiene supervision I put into practice the hygiene supervision to viral infection, bacteria, other disease germs, and various germs.
I am exchanging ink each time, in order to prevent breeding of bacteria.
All of the tool used for an operation, a needle or an ink cap and a glove are disposable.
All the needles are disposable which used for a machine or hand work.
I construct the needle for hand work for every customers and sterilize them.
I am disinfecting the tool to be used by 4% hypochlorous acid.
I am using the autoclave high temperature high-pressure sterilizer.
I am keeping the tool in a sterilization line disinfection machine just before use.

I do not tattoo to under 18 years old based on the ordinance of Aichi Prefecture.
Please consider about yourself, your job, your family, and your future before tattooing.
If you have cutaneous allergy and a visceral disease, or if you are taking medicine, please consult with a doctor before tattooing.
A good work is not made when your condition is bad.
I do not tattoo when your condition is bad, when you are tired, when you are having the monthly period.
You must not drink alcohol on the day of tattooing, and the last day.
And you should take sleep enough.
I do not tattoo on minors, a high school student, a pregnant woman, a drug addict, a person with HIV, a hepatitis B infected person, a hepatitis C infected person, heart disease, and whom with other health disturbance.
I do not tattoo when you just got tanned.
I order recession to an irrational person and those who make trouble between other customers.

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